Back end development

How would you use backend development: 

  1. If you have a website and need to develop a gateway for third third-party integration
  2. If you have a mobile application and need data stored outside of the mobile application
  3. If you have a server and need several components to talk to it
  4. If you have a web platform and want to let other platforms use it

To be more precise you need backend developer on your team in 90% of times. That is of course if you are not developing a simple mobile application which needs no data to be processed. Arranging mobile application development in a way where a mobile device needs to handle large amounts of data is a way to end up with a very slow product. How many users adore slow product? Not too many. That is exactly why backend developer is needed especially the one like our guys who can work with

  • php
  • node.js
  • JavaScript
  • json
  • Restful API
  • AWS Lambda
  • Linux
  • Apache
  • Backup logic



iOS application development

When do you need iOS application development? When you are targeting a market of consumers who are using such Apple products as iPhone and iPad.

This is a market of consumers who are willing to pay for services, they are the market to give the best conversion on paid apps. When going into iOS application development the important thing to remember is Apple guidelines. They are the main reason most apps get declined. It is not necessary the faulty code or operation but merely following the policy. 

Another aspect to watch for is iOS version compatibility. Apple provides reports on iOS version usage and it is good to stay tuned with that info. Otherwise, you may end up spending a pretty penny on making your app compatible with iOS version which is used by less than 1% of users. 

Here in Avikto we have won many battles and wars against AppStore and we are ready to help you with the development of iOS social application, iOS video live streaming application and other apps you may need.  

Android application development

Android development is a good way to start testing your product against the consumer market. The market of Android application development users is bigger than the market of iOS application development users. It gives a Product owner a broader scale of opinions on the concept.

Any Android developer will tell you that screen sizes and OS version compatibility are two greatest monsters of Android application development. And they may affect development costs. Android developers from Ukraine pay great attention to this matter. We will consult you on popular Android OS versions and will happily gie you recommendations which to concentrate on.

Building Android smartphone application, Android tablet applications development is what we do here. And we take pride in our work. You are welcome to contact us if you need Android application development from scratch, adding features to already existing applications, bug fixing on existing application or revamping the existing product. You can count on us for:

  • Social network application development

  • Uber like application development

  • Google maps robust features integration

  • Dating/Matching application development

  • Live video streaming application development and other conplex assignments

Front end development

One of the most popular services today. Front end developer helps to create a unique and highly visual experience to your product development. How many websites is out there today? Alexa ranks suggest that at least several million for ONE country. How many of them look alike? About 70% of them look extremely alike. So how are you ever going to be noticed among them? With a  front end developer creating your website and a unique experience to it.

Here in Avikto we can provide a uniqie style to your product while keeping the part which makes users feel at home. FAMILIAR is what keeps your users buying and using your service. Just a hint of REINVENTED is what makes them understand you are the provider.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for:

  • angular.js developer

  • vanilla JavaScript developer

  • html/css development

  • proper front end architecture planning

  • full-stack JavaScript development

and even if you just need an advice or a code review. Here in Avikto we know how important presentation is and we care

UI/UX design

This one is the only thing your users, your customers will really care about. Can you impress your web platform users with the fact that you have amazingly elegant algorithms on the backend? No. Can you impress them with using most up to date technologies for your web application development? No. Users do not care about tech, at least most of them

What do users care about? Users care about UI/UX for the website, graphic design. They want a user experience which will lead them directly to what they need. And only then they will buy, download, use your product.

Here in Avikto we have best UI/UX experts at your service. We are proud to have built a landing page with 90% conversion. Design for simple website, design for complex user management system, design for mobile application or a highly convertible design for your landing page - that is all Avikto UI/UX experts.